EFT Tapping In Southampton

Do you want to try a new way to tackle anxiety and depression? If you’re in Southampton, our counsellor would love to introduce you to EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping is a form of counselling intervention that can be used almost anywhere. It works by tackling unconscious fears, anxieties and beliefs which might be holding you back. It is often referred to as ‘psychological acupressure’.

While it might sound like an unusual technique, many studies have found that it is incredibly effective. It can also be used absolutely anywhere, whether you’re about to give a speech or are stressed about an upcoming project.

Fight back against fight or flight symptoms.

The benefits of EFT Tapping have been proved in many studies, including those for eliminating pain and physical symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and seizure disorders. It’s been found that it can also promote weight loss and minimise food cravings. Many people have found that it provides long-term relief from their discomfort.

EFT Tapping can also reduce the symptoms of the body’s fight or flight response.

How does it work?

Tapping can reduce stress because it relieves muscular tensions instantly, by working with pressure points.

Discover more about EFT Tapping in Southampton today.