So – Who am I……………..
I have worked within the NHS for many years – mainly in the mental health sector – before giving up a year ago. I am now a carer for my very elderly mother – who requires 24/7 cover due to ill health.
I am a qualified counsellor of 14 years – and specialised in drug & alcohol misuse, relationship issues, phobias, PTSD and bereavement. 
Although counselling is effective and valuable – I found that the client went through so much suffering and many sessions to give a background & history. I felt there must be something to make it easier for the client to travel the road, via a quicker and less emotional route.
After much research I discovered Psy-Tap – a method of therapy that it portable, highly effective and there is no need for a background to the presenting problem. Unlike conventional counselling, Psy-Tap usually only takes one session – saving time, money & much heartache. This is a technique that works with your bodies natural meridians – tapping to heal the body & mind.
I also offer Kinetic Shift Techniques, EFT and CBT. 
With these techniques, there is nothing that can’t be improved or cured. There is an endless list of issues that can be treated, including: Weight Loss, Stress, alcohol/drug misuse, PTSD, Phobias, Relationship issues, Anger Problems, and anything else that is causing an individual to suffer.
I am empathic, caring & professional – and I will offer you a unique experience that will improve your health and wellbeing.
I look forward to your call……………………

SLH Counselling & Psychosensory Therapies has gone above and beyond my expectations! I wasn’t 100% sold on using the “tap” technique but being pregnant I felt it was the safest way for me to deal with my anxiety. It is truly amazing, I can’t believe just how much better I felt about everything after just 1 session!! Now anytime I feel my anxiety levels rising I can tap and calm myself right back down! Thank you so much!!

T. Wood-Taylor

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